Argonne Imagination – B&W


An evening sunset presented an opportunity to capture some fantastic colors over the Spokane River.  I began by chasing the sunset west and sought to discover a prime setting for this evening’s subject.  After numerous attempts to find access to her banks approaching Spokane’s more urban environment, and losing time, I finally stopped and parked just north of the Argonne Avenue Spokane River crossing.  Once on the west side, and in position, the colors danced off the river’s surface, but something was missing…or present that I just didn’t like.  Was it the muted colors of the setting sun, or angle the river presented in relation to the sun’s setting position.  Something just wasn’t right.  Thinking all was lost, I began to break down my tripod and in doing so, turned around toward the east, across the bridge, and up river.  The contrasting tones between the trees on the river bank and the pines behind caught my eye.

Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii in portrait mode, this image is comprised of four vertical images stitched together in post processing.

This image is also available in color.


This photo is currently available in 49″ X 27.6″ mounted under 1/8″ glossy acrylic glass in a limited production run of 50 artist signed images.  $950.00

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